Crypto Wallets Can
Be Confusing

Let's Make It Simple With a Wallet made just for IoTeX
Created By IoTeX Geeks
*This is a mock example for illustration purposes only, the final product may look different


Have Unlimited Accounts

Be able to have as many IoTeX wallets as you wish with an easy interface to switch between all your IoTeX wallets in one unified interface

  • Clear overview of all your IoTeX funds
  • All of your accounts in one place
  • Send & Receive in a few clicks

Store On Hardware Wallet

The best way to keep your IoTeX safe is to use a hardware wallet. The desktop wallet will have support for hardware wallets like Nano Ledger


  • Support Nano Hardware Wallet
  • Support Trezor Hardware Wallet
  • Keep your IoTeX Safe

Made For IoTeX Network

As IoTeX moves off the ETH network it is important to have an IoTeX desktop wallet that is native to the IoTeX network. This wallet will be designed specifically for the IoTeX network and provide extra features like voting for IoTeX delegates


  • IoTeX Network Specific Wallet
  • Support IoTeX Network Features like Voting
  • Open Source

IoTex Geeks Road Map

Top Grade Security

Your accounts will always be safe and secure with the hardware wallet features

The wallet will have an option to have accounts where the wallet does not need to use a hardware wallet. However for optimal security hardware wallet support will be provided 


IoTeX Geeks Team Information

IoTex Geeks is made up of developers who are seeking to run a stable node for IoTeX. We will also develop a wallet that is specific for the IoTeX network. The wallet will be an open source project and provide features specific to the IoTeX network. We hope the community will see the value the team will bring to the IoTeX network.

Node Hardware

Main Node
Location: Google Cloud
System: 8 cores, 16 GB RAM

Standby Node

Location: Google Cloud

System: 8 cores, 16 GB RAM


Sharing 50% of the top 100 Delegate rewards. Plus an open source IoTeX desktop wallet for your own personal use

Top Notch Rewards

Get rewarded for supporting the team while helping support the creation of the next IoTeX wallet